Our Code of Conduct


SEAP adopted a Code of Conduct in 1997. Since then the Code has been revised and strengthened a number of times and now, through the introduction of a procedure for non-compliance, is an accountable and credible tool for the regulation of the industry. All SEAP members are bound to this code.

Code of Conduct

The SEAP code of conduct lists the various ethical rules which its signatories must abide by. Our aim is to have a code that is clear and concise, setting out the general principles that govern our profession.
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Guidance on the Code

SEAP’s policy and codes committee keeps the code under regular review and ensures that the standards laid down by the code are complied with. SEAP’s policy and codes committee helps to ensure the code is well publicised amongst SEAP members and the EU institutions. The code is intentionally short and succinct.
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SEAP has a procedure for dealing with complaints of non-compliance to the code made either by members of the institutions or by other SEAP members.
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Each member is obliged to complete an on-line training module on the content of the code. The module examines the practical application of the code as well as the procedures in case of transgressions or complaints. At the end of the module, each participant receives a certificate of membership showing that the training has been completed and that the individual is a full member of the Society.