Change in procedure for activating lobbyists badges

According to a new General Notice from DG-SAFE dated from 7th February 2020, a change in the procedure for activating lobbyists badges is underway:


Subject : Change in the procedure for activating lobbyist badges

As from 10th February 2020, lobbyists will no longer need to activate their access badges. This activation will be done automatically at each entry and exit of the European Parliament premises.

Lobbyists will now have to present themselves and submit to the usual security checks at the following entrances:

Brussels: SPINELLI (Simone Veil), SPINELLI (rue Wiertz – only during Strasbourg sessions), ANTALL, BRANDT and WIERTZ ;

Strasbourg: WEISS (entrance n°4) and CHURCHILL.

Given this automatic activation, any request for access beyond the four simultaneous presence by organisation authorized in European Parliament buildings will be blocked. In order to ensure the quality of this information taken from the access control system, lobbyists are requested to badge at the entry and exit of the buildings. Access to the buildings after 8:00 p.m. will be possible only on presentation of an invitation or accompanied by a Member, an official or other statutory staff member.

The distribution of the new badges for lobbyists is scheduled for April 6, 2020.

In the event of non-compliance with the rules, the European Parliament reserves the right to deactivate automatic access and to invite all members of the society concerned to activate their badges on each new visit, as is the case to date.

The rules on accreditation, access and protection of personal data remain applicable. The buildings entry and exit data will be kept for 12 months in order to prepare the annual report.