The Association is for professionals who represent either a group of interests or one particular interest, and who are in regular contact with European institutions. The primary object of the Association is to strengthen relations among such professionals and between them and European institutions.

Any European affairs professional can join SEAP regardless of country of residence. Simply fill in the application form online – or download it and send by email and we’ll do the rest.

Apply online OR download the application form  AND Code of Conduct

Individual membership of SEAP is €175 per year.

Membership implies the completion of the online training on SEAP’s code of conduct.

Membership is free for individuals under the age of 26.

There are also group membership rates, depending on the number of individuals an organisation wishes to join.

IMPORTANT: Starting from February 2023, all new members of SEAP will have to first be registered in the EU Transparency Register.

Contact the Secretariat for more information.

Group membership rates:

Basic Up to 5 individuals €525 per year
Standard Up to 9 individuals €1,050 per year
Standard Plus Up to 19 individuals €1,750 per year
Patron Unlimited €3,000 per year

Check the SEAP Presentation 2022