Application Form

To start the application process for SEAP membership please fill in this form and confirm you agree with the declaration at the end.

We’ll then arrange for payment to be made upon a successful application.

Membership fees:

There is a yearly membership fee payable at the time of joining. In the case of resignation from membership, notice should be given before 31st December, with effect from the 1st January of the following year.

The current fee for individual members is € 192 per year.

As of February 2023, the Board of SEAP has decided that all new potential members must first be registered in the EU Transparency Register for their application to be considered. Please specify in the Application form your number or name under which you can be found in the EU Transparency Register.

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    Declaration: I wish to become a member of SEAP in my personal capacity and agree to pay the annual membership fee for joining the Society. I understand that future fees levels will be determined by the membership in function of agreed activities. I undertake to participate in the Code of Conduct training programme during my first year of membership. I have no record of criminal or unprofessional behaviour. I understand that the SEAP Board reserves the right to consider or revoke membership on the basis of a more detailed consideration. I have read and comply with the terms of membership as set out in Articles 3 & 7 of SEAP statutes. I hereby adhere to the Code of Conduct of SEAP.”