Regrettable decision: EU Who is who removes details of EU officials

Over the last few days, the details of desk officers, policy assistants in the European Commission that were previously published on the ‘EU Whoiswho‘ online directory have been removed in an incomprehensible move.

The Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP) is discouraged by this decision to reduce transparency, particularly in light of recent scandals highlighting the need for more openness. Publishing the names of EU officials in a centralised public database is tremendously helpful for those working in public affairs, citizens and journalists alike, providing greater transparency into the work of the EU institutions.

“Removing such information will make the work of those in public affairs more difficult, represent a setback for transparency and lead to a more opaque EU decision-making process.” – Emma Brown, Vice President of SEAP

As the representative body for the EU public affairs profession since 1997, SEAP urges those responsible for this decision to reverse it. One year before the EU elections, and a few months after the revelation of the Qatargate, the EU Commission’s answer cannot be a more opaque EU decision-making process.

SEAP Statement EU Who is who (PDF)