SEAP joins forces with

SEAP is now a partner of, an initiative by the European Parliament promoting democracy and voter participation in the upcoming June 2024 European elections. The initiative aims to connect people across Europe and foster a community committed to strengthening European democracy. In 2019, over 300,000 people actively promoted the European Elections through

Open to individuals, civil society organisations, and youth networks, empowers supporters by providing opportunities to connect, learn, and engage with decision-makers. The website serves as a central hub and offers tools and materials to support democracy-promoting activities.

SEAP encourages members and partners to join and contribute to the collective efforts for the success of the 2024 European elections.


SEAP Social addresses European elections

The upcoming European elections were also the topic of our last SEAP Social event on 31 January. The guest was Olivia Serra from DG Communication in the European Parliament. She presented the initiative and answered questions from SEAP members.

The Parliament’s supporting campaign consists of two phases. The first phase is about raising awareness of the role and responsibilities of the European Parliament. The second phase, which has just started, is the democracy phase. The aim is to motivate civil society and businesses to launch an appeal to vote in the European elections.

According to Olivia Serra, a key challenge is the low voter turnout. For this reason, the European Parliament has chosen the key message “Use your vote!”. Serra invited those present to sign up on the initiative’s website to receive a reminder for the election date. Further resources and advice on how to get involved in the initiative are available on the website of the European Parliament.

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