SEAP participates at the 2016 Brussels Ekiden

SEAP’s medal winning team: Kasper Ernest, Ulrich Adam, Anna Drozd, Rui Faria da Cunha, Vincent Legagneur and Kajsa Stenström

On October 15th SEAP participated for the first time at the Acerta Brussels Ekiden, a charitable marathon relay for teams of six runners and the biggest of its kind in the world.

Team SEAP was composed by Director General Rui Faria da Cunha, Board members Kajsa Stenström, Anna Drozd, Ulrich Adam and Kasper Ernest and member Vincent Legagneur.

The team was thrilled to be part of such an extraordinary charitable event, with more 1,600 teams and 10,000 runners, and is looking forward to participating in next year’s edition.