SEAP Welcomes DeHavilland EU as a member

SEAP is delighted to announce that DeHavilland EU has joined its 240+ members this month.

DeHavilland EU is a political intelligence company which helps organisations navigate the complex world of public affairs. Through providing concise and timely updates on the latest policy developments in Brussels and beyond, DeHavilland EU cuts through the noise. Through horizon scanning, bespoke reporting and legislation tracking, DeHavilland helps clients to stay on top of everything relevant to their sector. 

Five members of the DeHavilland EU team have joined SEAP as part of a group membership: 

  • Carol Kennedy
  • Fran Burnham 
  • Arran Russell
  • Christina Kouremenou 
  • Chris Giapitzis Papandreou

Christina Kouremenou, Senior Policy Consultant explains that joining SEAP provides the opportunity to work in a collaborative space with public affairs professionals. The exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing across various policy areas helps DeHavilland EU as an organisation to gain insights on the current trends, as well as allowing the organisation to understand the needs and goals of different stakeholders.

SEAP is looking forward to a successful collaboration with DeHavilland EU, to advance and represent the interests of the public affairs profession at the highest standards. 

Interested in the work that DeHavilland EU does? Click here to find out more.